Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook-Off

Friday September 22, 5-7 pm,
Town Park


This year’s Mountain Harvest Festival will mark the 17th Annual Chili Cook-Off in the park. The cook-off, which has been run by the Blue Sage Center for the Arts for the past eleven years, is a signature part of Mountain Harvest Festival that is anticipated by many members of the community. The competition is open to any individual or organization, and is broken into five categories. Each category is judged by a secret panel of culinary experts, and all entries compete for the coveted People’s Choice award. Prizes are as follows:


  • Best Green Chili $75
  • Best Red $75
  • Best Meatless $75
  • Best Exotic $75
  • Best in Town *Plaque* (for restaurants)
  • People’s Choice $150

Pre-registration is required in order to compete in the chili cook-off. The deadline to register as a cook is Friday, September 15. The entry fee is $10. Late registration will be from September 16 to September 20 and the fee is $25. The entry fee helps to cover supplies, like tasting cups, spoons, napkins, tickets, etc. Your early registration helps us to ensure we have enough supplies on hand and can create proper signage for the tasters indicating what chili is where.

Forms can be obtained from the Blue Sage, Paonia Farm and Home Supply, City Market and Don’s bulletin boards.