Mystical Arts of Tibet - Mountain Harvest Festival
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Mystical Arts of Tibet

7 Mystical arts

Mystical Arts of Tibet

Friday September 23, 4:15 pm
Town Park Stage

The Mystical Arts Tour of Drepung Loseling Monastery presents a program of chanting and traditional music to celebrate the culture of Tibet. These 11 monks are touring North America to share the Tibetan culture, help people understand the plight of Tibet, and bring their message of goodwill and peace to communities they visit. Along the way, they are raising funds for their monastery, located in exile in Southern India, to help educate, house, and feed young Tibetans (many of whom flee across the Himalayas from Chinese-Communist-controlled Tibet to gain freedom and a traditional education at the monastery).

Tibetan monks have been visiting the North Fork Valley for more than twenty-five years and we are always delighted with the warm welcome they receive here. Visit to learn more.