Self Guided Farm Tours

Self Guided Farm Tours

Saturday September 29 10am-2pm

On Saturday, September 29, Mountain Harvest welcomes back the much celebrated free farm tours. Don’t forget your shopping baskets as each farm will have fresh goods for purchase, including gourmet cheese, gorgeous produce, wines, wool and more! We would like to thank Valley Organic Grower’s Association for their help in organizing this event. For more information, or to become a member, visit VOGA.

*Harvest is the busiest time of year on the farm, so we ask that guests please respect each farm’s open hours.

Desert Weyr, LLC
16870 Garvin Mesa Road Paonia, CO

Desert Weyr, LLC raises performance-recorded, grass-fed, Black Welsh Mountain sheep. We have frozen sheep meat and wool products including yarns and roving for spinning for sale at our farm store. We occasionally have frozen chicken and fresh Jonathan apples from our heirloom orchard planted in 1905.

Gray Acres
12273 Crawford Road Paonia, CO

Jacob and Sharon raise pastured poultry and dairy goats, breeding bucks and Scottish highland cows. They also produce vertically grown strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and low-sugar jams sold locally. Come meet our guardian dog Chewy and tour the farm!

Small Potatoes Farm & Bakery
40575 O Road Paonia, CO

Vegetable market farm that nurtures its soils with compost and green manure cover crops. The farm produces year round with various season extension methods. By encouraging a diverse ecosystem full of life, the farm produces healthful and delicious vegetables for its community. Small Potatoes celebrates the farm by roasting their fresh vegetables and baking artisan breads.

The Living Farm
39776 Green Tractor Road Paonia, CO

Take the interactive farm tour at The Living Farm to experience a working organic farm first hand. Explore innovative food growing areas and learn about sustainably grown meat and eggs. Pet the farm animals and see the original farm equipment and learn how to grow a High Performance Garden at home.

Thistle Whistle Farm
10872 3500 Road Hotchkiss, CO

A diverse family farm with veggies, goats, chickens and many educational programs for kids, college students, adults and families. We grow over two hundred varieties of heirloom tomatoes, over sixty varieties of peppers and many other unusual fruits and vegetables. We host The Sauce Plot, where Kids Pasta Project participants grow much of the food for their dinners; food and nutrition classes for Adult Literacy Program families; and student groups from a variety of colleges and universities.

Western Culture Farmstead
39883 Mathews Lane Paonia, CO

A USDA Grade A micro dairy outside of Paonia. Dave and Suanne raise Saanen and Nubian dairy goats and produce artisan cheese as well as yogurt and milk. Visit the farm store and meet the goats!