2020 Festival Canceled


The Mountain Harvest Creative Board of Directors voted on Monday, July 13 to cancel this year’s Mountain Harvest Festival out of concern for the health, safety and welfare of both our community and guests visiting the area.

This was to be the 20th Anniversary of the Festival, first created in downtown Paonia as a celebration of the valley, a community celebration aimed at uniting around the single idea that our valley is a pretty wonderful place to live.


Since its inception the Festival has continued to celebrate the agricultural harvests and the richness of music and the arts in Paonia and the North Fork Valley.


Our Board vote to cancel did not come without thought, debate and procrastination. We held out hope for a sign of Covid-19 remission and/or direction as to reducing the risk. It really came down to the fear of contributing to the spread of the virus at the cost of producing a short-lived ‘celebration’.


We want to thank all of the sponsors, workers and volunteers who contributed to our Festival effort this year and look forward to producing a wonderful ‘celebration’ at Mountain Harvest Festival 2021.



Tom Backhus, President
Mountain Harvest Creative Board of Directors