Mountain Harvest Creative RAFFLE


Win a 7 cubic ft chest freezer and 1/4 cow’s worth of meat!

The Mountain Harvest Creative’s Grand Prize is a 7 cubic feet chest freezer and a quarter cow’s worth of meat from Homestead Meats, Delta, CO.


The beef is locally born and raised in the North Fork Valley of Delta County, raised on the abundant natural mountain grasses that the North Fork Valley is known for. The beef is then finished on Delta County grain, meaning this beef is a true local Delta County Beef, never leaving the county at all.


So, enjoy a true locally raised and flavorful ¼ of a beef that includes the following cuts listed below. Homestead Meats is allowing the winner to make slight adjustments to their winnings assuming it falls within the weight/value of the donation.  This will be discussed between Homestead Meats and the winner.


〉One 7 cubic foot Thomson Freezer

〉2-3 @ 2 to 3 lbs. Chuck Roast

〉1 @ 2 to 3lbs. Arm Roast

〉2 packages of Short Ribs

〉1 packages of Shank Soup Bones

〉Approximately 2 to 3 packages of Rib Steaks or Ribeyes

〉Approximately 2 to 3 Sirloin Steaks

〉2 to 3 packages of T-Bone or New York Steaks and Tenderloin Steaks

〉Approximately 5 lbs. of Rounds, cut and tenderized for Cube Steak

〉1 Rump Roast

〉Approximately 5 lbs. of Sirloin Tip that can be cut as Roast or tenderized Steaks

〉Approximately 3 lbs. of Stew Meat

〉Approximately 40 lbs. of Ground Beef

Official Raffle Rules


By purchasing a ticket, each purchaser acknowledges having read and agreeing to abide by Mountain Harvest Creative’s Official Raffle Rules. This raffle is being conducted in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws. Mountain Harvest Creative’s State of Colorado Raffle License Number is 2021-16692. As per IRS regulations, raffle tickets are NOT tax-deductible.



The Grand Prize, a brand new chest freezer, will be awarded in its original box and is expected to be picked up within 2 weeks of the drawing. If the winner lives in Delta County, a delivery of the freezer can be arranged with Mountain Harvest Creative.  The frozen goods associated with the grand prize are being stored at FDA-regulated temperatures at Homestead Meats in Delta, CO. The winner will be responsible for arranging the pickup of the prize with Mountain Harvest’s team within 2 weeks of winning. The winner will sign a release signifying the transfer of ownership of both the chest freezer and the fresh meats into their name. 

Raffle Tickets, Period, and Eligibility

Tickets are $50 for 1.  All Ticket sales are final and non-refundable unless raffle cancellation occurs. Online sales will close on 12:00pm (noon) on June 30th, 2021 unless all tickets have been sold before then.


Each purchaser of a raffle ticket must be at least 18 years old and only one individual’s name may be associated with each ticket. Tickets may not be purchased as gifts for individuals under 18 years of age.


The Mountain Harvest Creative reserves the right to reject entry forms submitted with payment that does not constitute “good funds.” Each online ticket purchaser will be sent a receipt via e-mail and a separate email that will identify the purchaser’s unique raffle ticket number(s). The original printed raffle ticket will be retained by Mountain Harvest Creative and the stub will be entered into the drawing along with the stubs of all other tickets sold.


U.S. Postal regulations prohibit the mailing of raffle tickets.


To inquire about the status of ticket numbers and receipts, please email


The drawing will take place on June 30th, at 5:30 pm at Paonia United Brewing, 325 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO 81428. A representative of Mountain Harvest Creative will draw the winning raffle ticket stub at random under the supervision of our certified Games Manager. The winner does not need to be present to win. The winning ticket numbers and names of the winners shall also be posted on the Mountain Harvest Festival website immediately after the drawing and remain on the website for a minimum of 30 days. This information may also be published in other media.


Anyone who purchases a ticket(s) and participates in the raffle releases Mountain Harvest Creative, its directors, officers, members, and agents from any and all liability, loss, or claim to arise out of any raffle prize. In case of any dispute regarding the conduct of the raffle, the decision of Mountain Harvest Creative shall be final, with the approval of the Secretary of State and in full compliance with Bingo-Raffle laws.