Sunday, September 24th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm
Town Park

Hailing from Telluride, Colorado, Niceness stands as a beacon of the transformative and healing prowess of music. Their melodies and rhythms are not just tunes, but reminders of our shared humanity, our innate capacity to heal, and the sacred responsibility we bear towards our planet. Through their harmonies, they echo a clarion call to embrace life, acknowledge our inherent greatness, and see that same magnificence mirrored in others. Niceness doesn’t just stick to traditional reggae beats. Their musical journey blends soulful harmonies, funk undertones, Latin beats, and hip-hop vibes, all the while aiming to honor the authenticity of Jamaican music’s deep-rooted heritage. At the helm is the charismatic Koral Delatierra, whose voice and vision drive the band’s ethos. She sums it up best: “Our music is a sanctuary. A place where souls converge in unity, celebrating the essence of oneness and collaboratively weaving the tapestry of the world we envision.” Simply put, Niceness is not just about music; it’s a symphony of life, love, and unity.

Koral Delatierra
Lead vocal

Michael “Mikey G” Gomberg
Drums, background vocals

David “Bassie” Christeson
Keys, background vocals

Dustin Wilson

Alex Glasscock

Jonathon Barfield